"Our collections"

Maison Caravage offers you original artworks by artists selected by us, as well as posters and prints.

-Original artworks are one-of-a-kind creations or photographs with a limited and certified print run.

-Prints are faithful reproductions of artworks printed in a large number of copies, numbered and signed.

-Posters are prints representing the artwork in high-definition graphics created by Maison Caravage.

The Founders

Violette has been drawing and painting since her childhood, exploring various forms of artistic expression, including drawing, painting, and even ceramics. Today, she practices calligraphy and applying gold on exceptional papers with precision and skill. Her inspiration is drawn from nature, especially the detailed representation of flowers.

Louis, a photographer, captures colors and textures reminiscent of painting. His numbered prints resemble paintings, sometimes challenging the boundary between photography and painting. Exploring new places, he finds inspiration in travels and the discovery of architectural details.

“Maison Caravage”

Words matter, and so does their resonance. Caravage evokes in us the expression of an artistic world with subtle contours, a palette of primary colors, and golden lights.

However, "Il Caravaggio," a character rich in colors and multifaceted, also symbolizes for us the Renaissance, where craftsmanship, art, and inventions coexist in a creative arrogance.

That's why our Maison has the purpose of bearing witness to this desire to explore, draw, and photograph the substance and its nuances.